OCA Annual General Meeting

Friday, October 3 – Saturday, October 4, 2014
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nigel Spivey, University of Cambridge


The Ontario Classical Association was thrilled to present keynote speaker, Dr. Nigel Spivey, University of Cambridge, at the 2014 Annual General Meeting. Dr. Spivey presented a public lecture on October 3, and a private talk for OCA members on October 4. The theme of the 2014 meeting was: “How Classics Changes the World”; presentations and discussions focused on the role Classics has played, and continues to play, in forming the world in which we live today.

Res Classicae Magazine—Summer 2013


This past year proved a very exciting and productive one for the OCA's recently launched outreach program: Because Classics Matters! Under the direction of Dr. Lisa Trentin, and with the continued support of OCA members, we have successfully introduced a series of events and fostered collaborative partnerships to help create a stronger network between our schools and universities, which we hope to further expand and extend in the future to the wider community.

At the forefront of our program is a series of school talks aimed at engaging secondary students in Classics. We delivered a number of school talks ranging in subject matter, from the "Trial of Socrates" and "Daily Life in Pompeii" to a more practical session on "Studying Latin at High School and University" which included student speakers from Wilfrid Laurier University; a first year undergraduate and a recent graduate, now completing an MA in Classics at Brock University, both of whom offered valuable perspectives on the benefits of studying Latin.

Res Classicae Magazine in its entirety can be accessed online in the Members' Area.

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