Harry C. Maynard Scholarships


The application deadline for the 2019 Harry C. Maynard Scholarships is November 1, 2019.

You can now submit your application online

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Through the generosity of the late Harry C. Maynard, for many years a teacher of Classics at the University of Toronto Schools, a program of scholarship assistance for students of Classics has been established by the Trustees of Mr. Maynard's estate.

By arrangement with the Trustees, the Ontario Classical Association has undertaken to advertise the scholarship program, to receive applications and to assess applicants. Awards will be made by the Trustees on the recommendation of the OCA; the OCA itself will not make any award and does not disperse or handle funds associated with the award. The Trustees reserve the right to make no award in any category. Awards will be made in November of each year.

Three scholarships are offered annually:

  1. The Harry C. Maynard Scholarship in Classical Studies
  2. The Harry C. Maynard Scholarship for Study Abroad
  3. The Harry C. Maynard Scholarship for Study Abroad (Secondary)

Or apply the old-school way...

  1. Via email: Completed application forms, together with all required supporting documentation can be emailed to: maynard@ontarioclassicalassociation.ca. (Please be advised security cannot be assured if sending via email.)
  2. Via regular mail:
    The H. C. Maynard Scholarship
    Ontario Classical Association
    P.O. Box 19505
    55 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M4W 3T9
  3. Via courier: Email maynard@ontarioclassicalassociation.ca to receive a street address which you can provide to the courier.

But it's much easier to apply online

Apply online today!

Deadline: 1 November 2019