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See our latest opportunities related to the Harry C. Maynard Scholarships for Ontario High School Latin or ancient Greek students, and for Ontario University Latin / Classics majors.

Meetings & Activities

The Ontario Classical Association invites you to our next Annual General Meeting. Information about Presentations, fees and registration can be found here.

Latest Teaching Resources

Making Connections: The Graeco-Roman Legacy in Islam through the Collection of the Aga Khan Museum

This resource includes 15 lessons intended to support teachers and students in exploring the links between the ancient Islamic and Graeco-Roman worlds using the collection at the Aga Khan Museum. Teachers will find lesson ideas, resources, and ways to involve visits or online exploration of the collection in order to highlight connections between peoples and ideas in antiquity.

Novum Millennium Project

The Ontario Classical Association, in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Education, has produced a series of educational videos to help educators deliver the Ontario Curriculum for Classical Languages and Classical Civilization. The resource contains a variety of brief videos on various topics, such as ancient childhood and climbing Mount Vesuvius, along with numerous handouts and support materials for teachers.

Elementary Latin Curriculum

The Ontario Classical Association has been developing a variety of resources to support teachers in Elementary grades in bringing Latin content into their courses. These resources are intended to support the development of literacy, reading skills / phonetic awareness, STEM skills / terminology, critical thinking, and intercultural understanding.

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