About the Ontario Classical Association

The Ontario Classical Association is the only official advocate for students, teachers and professors of Classics in this province. Its mandate is the promotion and protection of Classical Studies in Ontario. The OCA provides on-going support and professional development for its members its annual meetings and activities and by developing resources for teachers and professors.

What we do

The OCA has been responsible for the following initiatives:

  1. Acquisition and administration of the Harry C. Maynard Scholarships, 1995.
  2. Revision of the academic requirements necessary for teachers to pursue the Honour Specialist Qualification, 1997.
  3. Establishment of an Additional Qualification Course and an Honour Specialist Course in Classical Studies: Latin/Greek, 1997 and 2006, at the University of Toronto.(NB: this course is available ONLY when there are sufficient candidates. The OCA is reviewing the opportunities to provide AQ/HS training on an annual basis.).
  4. Ensured the inclusion of Latin and Greek in the new Ontario Curriculum, 1999/2000 (Ontario Curriculum, Classical & International Language Studies, 1999 and Classical Studies and International Languages, 2000. * The OCA oversaw the revision of the Classical Studies and International Languages policy beginning in 2010 until the release of the revised document in 2016.
  5. Successfully lobbied for the re-instatement of Grade 12 Classical Civilization course, 1999.
  6. Subject Association Representative for the Ontario Teachers Federation and the Ministry of Education, 1999.
  7. Collaboration with Ministry and TVO in the production of a training video for Classical Language, 1999-2000.
  8. Collaboration with Ministry of Education in production of Course Profiles for Classical Languages, Levels 1, 2 and 3 and Classical Civilization, 1999-2002.
  9. Introduction of pre-service Bachelor of Education degree in Classical Studies: Latin/Greek at OISE/UT, Fall 2000.
  10. Produced the document, Think Literacy: Classical Languages, 2005.
  11. Reviewed and revised the content and criteria for AQ Intermediate Latin and ancient Greek, AQ Senior Latin and ancient Greek and Honour Specialist: Classical Studies: Latin for the Ontario College of Teachers in 2015.
  12. Provides job placement advice. Latin teachers approaching retirement are especially encouraged to join the OCA.


President: Sean Corner, McMaster University
Past President: Diana Pai, St. Clement’s School
Margaret-Anne Gillis, Innisdale Collegiate
Elizabeth Ellison, Elmwood School
Phillip Snider, Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
Ronald Lo, Banting Memorial High School
Chris Carswell, University of Toronto Schools
Alison Keith, University of Toronto


Fanny Dolanski, Brock University
Jennifer Franssen, The Abelard School
Beth Greene, University of Western Ontario
Maggie Rogow, North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Gillian Scott, Havergall College
Kathryn Mattison, McMaster University
Samantha Mazzilli, TDSB


1944-46 Eric A. Havelock (University of Toronto)
1946-48 R.S.K. Seeley (University of Toronto)
1948-50 E. Togo Salmon (McMaster University)
1950-52 W.A. Scott (University of Toronto)
1952-54 Cyril F. Washington (Walkerton District High School)
1954-56 Father J.C. Wey (University of Toronto)
1956-58 William P. Wallace (University of Toronto)
1958-60 Donald M. Shepherd (McMaster University)
1960-62 J. Winifred Alston (Harbord Collegiate Institute)
1962-64 J.A. Philip (University of Toronto)
1964-66 A. Stuart Nease (Saltfleet District High School and Faculty of Education, Toronto)
1966-68 (name not preserved)
1968-70 Douglas E. Gerber (University of of Western Ontario)
1970-72 Valda Schaller (Tecumseh Secondary School)
1972-74 (name not preserved)
1974-78 Deborah Hobson Samuel (York University)
1978-80 E.J. Barnes (C.W. Jefferys Secondary School)
1980-82 Ross Kilpatrick (Queen’s University)
1982-84 Donald M. McNeill (North Toronto Collegiate Institute)
1984-86 David F.R. Page (Trent University)
1986-88 Paul Whalen (Brébeuf College School)
1988-90 Howard Jones (McMaster University)
1990-92 Patricia Bell (Centennial Collegiate and Vocational Institute)
1992-94 Ian McDonald (University of Toronto)
1994-96 Margaret Doetsch (Elmwood School, Ottawa)
1996-98 Leonard A. Curchin (University of Waterloo)
1998-2000 Margaret-Anne Gillis (Barrie Central Collegiate)
2000-2002 Diana Walton (Nipissing University)
2002-2004 James Lynd (O’Neill Collegiate)
2004-2006 Jonathan Edmonson (York University)
2006-2008 Stephen Low (Humberside Collegiate Institute)
2008 Anne-Marie Lewis (York University)
2009-2012 Elizabeth Ellison (Elmwood School)
2013-2015 Lisa Trentin, University of Toronto (Scarborough)
2015-2018 Phillip Snider, Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
2018 – 2020 Alison Keith, University of Toronto
2020 – 2022 Diana Pai, St. Clement’s School
2022 – 2024 Sean Corner, McMaster University

Honorary Presidents

1964-1977 Mary E. White (University of Toronto)
1977-1988 E. Togo Salmon (McMaster University)
1989-1994 Alexander Dalzell (University of Toronto)
1994-2007 Alexander G. McKay (McMaster University)
2008 Elaine Fantham (University of Toronto)

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