Novum Millennium Project

The Ontario Classical Association, in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Education, has produced a series of educational videos to help educators deliver the Ontario Curriculum as it relates to Classical Languages and Classical Civilizations.

We hope these videos help secondary school teachers deliver the curriculum, but also inspire students to delve more deeply into the history of Classical Civilizations, understanding our past to help guide our future.


A “how-to” for teachers and students with varying degrees of familiarity with archaeological techniques. Particularly useful for teachers whose students participate in the archaeological dig contest at the annual Ontario Student Classics Conference.

Environment and Technology

This is a brief investigation of how the Romans developed new technologies to meet their needs and how they interacted with their environment to ensure safe, clean drinking water. In addition, it looks at how the Romans disposed of industrial waste as evidenced by the deposits of 25 million amphorae at Monte Testaccio, Rome.

Social Media in the Roman World

Inscriptions, graffiti, symbols, monuments to communicate a variety of messages with a populace which may or may not have been able to read Latin.

Childhood in Ancient Rome

Brief introduction to the world of the child, including toys and games, in ancient Rome, using the deposits of a grave of a wealthy Roman girl whose mummified remains reside in the Palazzo Massimo in Rome.

Climbing Mount Vesuvius

Looks at the very active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, which looms over the Bay of Naples, still dominating the daily life of the inhabitants of Campania with the threat of eruption.

Reading and Writing in the Roman World

How Romans developed the technology to record information, including scrolls.

Coinage (Numismatics)

Introduction to reading and interpreting evidence found on ancient coins; how they were made; their economic, historical and propagandistic value.

Clothing and Hair

Introduction to clothing and hairstyles of men and women who lived in various parts of the Roman Empire.